Sound Off for Sunday, July 13, 2014

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

On code inspections: Last Sunday, the editor calls it a “conspiracy theory” and says it’s not fair to city employees. First, this is a complaint, not a conspiracy theory. Second, what is unfair is that Chad Karl was apparently targeted in the first place.

-- Scott Angus had a very good Editor’s View pertaining to Karl feeling unfairly targeted by the Janesville Fire Department. I’m surprised with Karl being a businessman that he would come up with such ridiculous ideas, almost childish. If he ever had a fire or heart attack, he knows the first people there will be the firemen and EMTs he’s accusing of wrongdoing.

-- I’m thankful Karl spoke out. A lot of times people feel bullied by government, and I’m glad he didn’t. Keep speaking out, Chad. We’re with you.

On homeless: Monday’s paper showed a homeless guy drinking vodka. If he can drink vodka, he can go get a room and a job.

On trash collection: Thanks to the city of Janesville for our new way of collecting trash and recyclables. They work great. P.S.: I’m an 80-year-old lady.

On band events: They could save money by having programs in Riverside Park. There is already a roof and cement floor and I think electric outlets for bands. People could sit out in the park with lawn chairs or blankets and listen, and it would be much quieter than with all the traffic and noise that goes by downtown.

On immigrants: My concern is that these immigrants bring diseases. I heard there’s tuberculosis. There’s no cure for it, and they’re bringing it in. We pay these countries money. If they’re going to send their immigrants, they shouldn’t get the money.

On carrying guns: Regarding the cartoon on Tuesday’s Opinion page, Target is perfectly within their rights to say no guns inside their stores, and I and millions of others are perfectly within our rights to never shop there again. That’s how you deal with this. You vote with your wallet.

On 15th Senate District race: I’m voting Aug. 12 for Mike Sheridan. He is running a positive campaign. He has the most leadership experience and the best relationship across the state with voters, labor and political leaders.

-- Austin Scieszinski worked as an aide at the state Capitol. If anyone believes that an aide just answers the phone, they are out of touch with how things get accomplished in government and in the modern world.

On Milton hiring: The Milton School District does not need a full-time public information officer. They could have a little of training for each principal and take care of that issue.

-- About Milton City Administrator Jerry Schuetz being hired for the Milton School District’s supervisor of communications for $82,000 per year, why did the school board agree to create this position? The board needs to give answers. These are our tax dollars.

On Rotary Gardens: In response to the article about President Jefferson (Page 1A, Tuesday), besides a statesman and farmer, he also was an ice man. He supervised all of the ice harvesting on his plantation and also perfected the efficient cutting of ice and some new tools.

On Milton roads: It is such a god-awful mess, it is not worth going there anymore. As much as I like to go through five or six roundabouts and drive a mile and a half to get stuff that’s only a quarter of a mile away, I’m just going to pass.

On General Motors: It is one huge poor excuse for an automaker. Knowingly faulty parts were installed in some cars for years. Death and injury are directly attributable. How is this not criminal behavior? Why would one continue to buy GM products? Where have the feds been that are responsible for keeping an eye on auto safety?

On jail dogs: Regarding “Program matches inmates with dogs” (Page 1A, Wednesday), it’s nice to see a positive program that helps the homeless stray dogs and inmates. Similar programs have been instituted at other facilities throughout the country with favorable results. Good going, Rock County, and good luck in your endeavors.

On picket: Why has the union continued to picket the property at highways 26 and 14? The general contractor has long since left. There’s no construction underway, and if they are picketing the tenants, they could probably do that all over town. If the union is looking to do them harm, they are really messing with our own economy.

On gubernatorial race: Mary Burke has cost taxpayers over $12 million because of a really bad decision as commerce secretary (Page 2A, Wednesday). I don’t think we can afford her.

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