Your Views: Some criticisims of President Obama have racial overtones

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Some of the anti-Obama letters in The Gazette have racial overtones. The writers are good at “spinning” the truth in order to confuse and cause doubt and fear.

Current examples of racism include stand-your-ground and voter ID laws. Another example is the billionaire owner of the Washington Redskins who refuses to change the name of his football team.

Tea party politicians seem to blame everything and anything on President Obama, even though there are no rational reasons for him to be blamed. These politicians are obstructionists and seem unable to come up with positive alternatives to our president’s programs.

The impression of racism is fueled by Fox News, tea party politicians and far-right-wing hosts of radio talk shows. They seem to say that the only exceptional, important people in America are white people, especially white people who call themselves Christians.

I have been a white Christian for seven decades, but I do not believe in this kind of exceptionalism. Perhaps we all need to attend classes on diversity so hopefully we can realize we no longer live in all-white communities because now we live in a multicultural world.

Finally, I see elements of racism in the way some of us are treating undocumented immigrants. Wouldn’t you think Christians would take the high ground regarding this and other issues I have mentioned in this letter?



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