Your Views: Supreme Court's ruling in Hobby Lobby case is insult to women

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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Supreme Court decision in favor of Hobby Lobby not needing to fund contraception for employees is a direct insult to women. It is saying that women are not to have all the same channels as men when it comes to health care access. Keep in mind that many forms of contraception are not just used to prevent pregnancy. There are other reasons doctors may prescribe such treatments.

And that is only one result. The decision threatens Planned Parenthood and other organizations that help distribute information to women regarding mammograms and sexually transmitted diseases, along with contraception literature, which in some instances is given as necessary medical treatment options.

I point out that the minority vote on the high court included Justice Breyer and all three women. These justices are attempting to preserve rights for women and the medical care they receive.

As a side note, there is not one Protestant on the bench. Most of the male judges had best keep personal religious beliefs out of the courtroom, where they do not belong.



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