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Friday, July 11, 2014


On clearing riverfront properties: Again, let’s just fix our roads and see what bells and whistles we can afford after that is done. Responsibility here, please.

-- Truthtelller

-- No money to repair roads where business is actually thriving. Plenty to spend downtown though.

-- buyusa

-- Couldn’t agree more with the previous posts. Can’t repair the streets because there is no money, but can spend like a drunken sailor elsewhere.

-- witaxman

On homeless see gap in services: The ones I have known just hunt out their high for the day, and that’s all they want. I have put them to work, but as soon as they think they made enough for a bottle they quit. For sure they need help to get out of the rut, but they are the only ones that can make the choice to live differently.

-- Truthtelller

-- Despite how much people slam this country, it is almost impossible to be unwillingly forced into the life chosen by the people in the story. The wish for that life lies somewhere in their own thinking. Alcoholism, too, isn’t the problem. No real alcoholic could tolerate the dry spells involved in homelessness. This country is so wealthy that the poorest people in it are the fattest people in the world.

-- NewerTestament

-- There are homeless people in every corner of the developed world. The homeless are often people with mental disabilities that keep them from functioning as the perceived normal population. What can we do about it? It comes down to what your heart can provide as compassion for someone that cannot or chooses not to take care of and provide for themselves.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

-- My thoughts are there are jobs out there. Yes, they might be minimum wage, but get the job and have a few friends for roommates. The lady who was homeless who refused to get rid of the cat chose to live in her car. Money for booze but none for rent?

-- ms pacman

On Editor’s Views: Maybe (Chad) Karl has been watching too many conspiracy shows on television and got carried away enough to imagine his activity on a social media site to be of far more importance and carry more weight than it actually does.

-- Solo_Voce

-- An inspection in February to make up for last year’s and an inspection just four months later does not make sense. After the February inspection, perhaps the next one could be scheduled later in the year, but according to Chief Jensen the inspectors have a rigid route and it must be followed. I think that is called a bureaucracy.

-- Nick Danger

-- His complaining about two inspections and getting cited on the second is like someone speeding down the highway passing two cops and only the second stops him and issues a ticket and then complaining that the first one didn’t stop him so the second one must be picking on him.

-- Experienced

On Matt Pommer’s column: Yes, it is fair to judge Gov. Walker on the jobs results. It is fair because he promised to reach a specific goal. He (or at least his campaign manager) should have known better. … But overall, I think we would be better off with Walker as governor than we would be with (Mary) Burke.

--Kevin Goebel

-- If Walker is going to look to the jobs lost during the last couple of years of Doyle’s governorship, which occurred during the Great Recession, then he should be accountable for his guarantee to produce 250,000 jobs. Some of us have a memory!

-- Gale Potter

-- He promised 250,000 jobs. He lied if he doesn’t produce them.

-- buyusa

-- Doesn’t matter who is governor, the jobs situation would have sucked regardless. I chuckled when he promised those jobs. Only way to bring jobs here is if people are willing to work cheaper than China’s workers. No way is that happening.

-- beamer

-- Campaign pledges are not promises. Too bad the Democrats worked harder to prevent jobs than make jobs. They wasted three years with recalls, protesting and lawsuits.

-- wislady


To John Eyster: Judicial Watch commissioned a study that showed if there was a hidden agenda behind North Carolina’s voter ID law to suppress minority turnout—as opponents on the left like you claim—it hasn’t worked. Not only did more voters overall vote, but an increase in black voter turnout was especially telling, after the law’s implementation.

-- Proud Grandpa

-- I have enjoyed the whining from the left about how wrong the Supreme Court was in the Hobby Lobby case in light of the recent declaration on how right the district court was in the gay-marriage issue.

-- Nick Danger

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