Sound Off for Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

On child abuse: To read that article (Page 2A, Saturday), I am just outraged that the baby sitter and mother did not contact police, especially the baby sitter. This is ridiculous what he allegedly did to those poor children. I hope those children never go back to that mother. Those children need to be placed in a home that is a loving environment.

-- What is wrong with these parents? Saturday’s front page tells of someone accused of beating 7- and 9-year-olds. Page 10A has someone accused of beating her 12-year-old daughter with an extension cord. There should be more police patrols in these neighborhoods. This is outrageous. These parents ought to be locked up and the key tossed out.

On theft sentencing: Regarding “Record theft nets prison,” Page 1A Thursday, I don’t understand it. He or his attorney makes it sound like he was the victim. Remember, that employer trusted him, lost $1.6 million, plus its insurance rates probably will go up. He’s getting off very easy.

On Concert in the Park: I don’t know why people go if not to listen. We sat next to people who talked through every piece and kept their children playing and yelling and screaming. I’m sorry, the orchestra was wonderful, but unfortunately we will not be attending any further.

-- Many thanks to the Rock River Philharmonic for its outstanding performance at the Rock County Courthouse lower park July 3. The color guard presentation was great. The selection of marches and other patriotic music was one of the best ever. Thank you, maestro conductor Rob Tomaro, for your excellent direction.

On WJVL: I’d like to thank JVL for the beautiful program the Fourth of July morning.

On Evansville event: I’ve been going to Evansville the past 10 years on the Fourth of July. It’s fabulous. What’s the matter with Janesville?

On river patrols: I am a homeowner on the Rock River, and the river is very high. Anywhere else you go, sheriff’s deputies are right there, and anybody making a wake gets a ticket. Why don’t they do anything in Janesville? The shorelines are eroding.

On post office parking: Federal law mandates parking places for the handicapped in front of all businesses. There have been none in front of the post office on Milton Avenue for many days now. Let’s get that project over with. People of Janesville are concerned.

On 15th Senate District race: I saw Austin Scieszinski on TV and then speak in person. He is exactly what we need—articulate, intelligent and knowledgeable. He seems very humble and talks about putting people before lobbyists and corporations.

-- For those who criticize Mike Sheridan for calling out Scieszinski in the debate, what is he supposed to do, sit there and take it? Thanks, Mike. The public deserves the truth. Keep fighting for us.

On fire station: The city is purchasing the homes for the new firehouse. What seems to be the big hurry when the price of the firehouse and location haven’t been finalized?

On code inspections: Regarding Page 1A Sunday, I have two questions for the fire department. First, isn’t it a violation of our rights to just show up and walk through our private area? Second, where did you get the qualifications to be inspectors? Wisconsin law is adamant about who can inspect.

On riverfront development: Forward Janesville cannot be an authentic chamber of commerce like in Beloit because it accepts corporate welfare. John Beckord is not an entrepreneur, thus is unqualified to have experience or ability to create jobs, only to create taxpayer-increased burdens.

On PolitiFact: Sunday’s column finally does a story about Democrats lying so Politifact can claim that it’s unbiased and you add Sen. Ron Johnson’s picture so anyone casually glancing thinks Johnson is the liar. PolitiFact could do one on President Obama and his administration every day for a month and not talk about the same lie twice.

On VA health care: It’s hard to believe our government would rather spend billions of tax dollars on illegal immigrant health care while a large number of veterans are turned down. Who should have priority? People like Rep. Paul Ryan who never served have no idea what it’s like to have your country turn its backs on them.

On pig virus: One thing on Page 5A Sunday that should have been mentioned is that there is no relationship between the virus and human consumption. You can’t get sick by eating pork from pigs affected by that disease.

On bicycles: Regarding Page 1A July 5, do bicyclists pay a license fee every year? How much is that fee, and did it get raised when our auto fees went up $10? Bicyclists use the roads, too. I can see the city council’s cash register flipping lickety-split in their heads right now.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The city’s website says all bicycles are required to have licenses. Cost is $1 and is good for as long as you own the bicycle.

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