Your Views: Gripe over Janesville code inspections looks like self-inflicted problem

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Support a petition that has been determined to be incorrect and nonbinding and you're targeted for inspection?

I read with interest June 30 that a person (especially a business person) would make such an allegation.

In 2013 as a downtown business office tenant, we received two inspections within eight weeks. In May of 2013 we received an annual inspection for 2012, and in July of 2013 we received the 2013 annual inspection. It was explained to me that the timing was caused by a combination of staffing and computer (recordkeeping) upgrade. It was a head scratcher as to why and, after the explanation, I understood.

The Janesville Fire Department I bet is like other municipality departments. They run lean and mean and get caught up on inspections when personnel are available. Inspections occurring twice in one year are the luck of the draw and nothing else.

In the article, it was stated that “...most of the violations stemmed from 'unapproved' upgrades.”

So the person's number came up for inspection twice (2013 and 2014) in the same year, and he had done some “unapproved” upgrades, was cited and is not taking responsibility for his own actions.

The cause for corrective action looks more like a bad business decision.



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