Your Views: Gov. Walker’s hiring of Cindy Archer smells of cronyism

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Let’s see now—on July 1, Scott Walker’s administration announced plans to “streamline the hiring process” for state of Wisconsin civil service jobs. Then on July 3 (hoping no one pays attention during a holiday weekend), it was announced that longtime Walker crony Cindy Archer was hired as chief information officer for the State Public Defender’s Office.

Archer is being paid 31 percent more than the last person in the job. Even better, she never even interviewed for the job. Seven people did, two finalists were selected, and then, all of a sudden, Cindy was awarded the job.

So can we expect more of this when Walker succeeds in streamlining the hiring process? How many cronies and campaign workers will be hired who didn’t even have to interview for the jobs awarded? And what made the job worth 31 percent more now than it was before?

Who reviewed this, who approved this, what made a non-applicant better than the seven who were interviewed?

It seems that “brown bag” Walker cares less for taxpayers than for cronies.



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