Sound Off for Sunday, July 6, 2014

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

On letter: In Sam Liebert’s letter June 30, he endorses Gary Groelle for sheriff and signs as vice president of the Janesville City Council. We are often reminded by him and other council members that they’re acting for us presumably as nonpartisan elected officials. He signed the letter as if speaking for those he represents. The council needs to address the ethics of this.

On Rep. Kolste: I can agree with some of her points in her column June 28, but she has been in Madison less than two years and already has become totally partisan with nothing positive to say about Republicans. Does she want to take us down a path like Illinois and Detroit or back to the failed policies of Gov. Doyle?

On teachers: I agree with Brett Condon’s letter June 30, “Beloit requirement is slap in face to teachers.” This is tough profession. I have watched dozens of teachers leave Janesville every year. The quality of future teachers will diminish if we don’t bring back respect to this profession.

On junkiness: I agree with last Sunday’s Sound Off. Too many RVs are parked on streets. Too much grass is mowed into the roads, going into the sewer. Too many junk cars, too much trash. Where are the people who are supposed to figure out what should be in yards and what shouldn’t? Janesville has to do something. It’s getting ugly out there.

On Sen. Johnson: As a Vietnam veteran, I’m appalled at Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson’s recent vote against additional funding for the VA hospitals so veterans’ health care can be expedited. It appears that Johnson is against veterans because he never served in the military. He will never get my vote again.

On Hobby Lobby case: It’s being said that women are being denied these contraceptives. Anyone can go out and buy these on their own. Because someone else is not forced to pay for something you want is not equal to you being denied. For instance, if I want Jack Daniels, I have to buy it myself. It’s not being denied me because someone else isn’t forced to pay for it.

-- It is rather hypocritical that Hobby Lobby would take this decision since it imports items from China, which is very, very strict about forcing abortions and allowing abortions to take place.

On Freedom Fest: We had the pleasure of taking our grandchildren and daughter, who live out of state. They were as impressed as we were the first time we went. Freedom Fest has outdone itself. They welcome everybody, religious or nonreligious. Just go and experience this event. It is amazing. The fireworks are gorgeous. Everything is free. If you’ve got children, it’s perfect.

On 15th Senate District: I’m not sure why so many people are down on Mike Sheridan. I saw him work his fanny off trying to save General Motors. Though his efforts weren’t realized, his hard work should be. I see a man willing to give up a normal existence to perform public service and someone who cares about our state.

-- Anyone who knows Sheridan would say he is not a bully. When a man is attacked personally by an inexperienced young candidate with incorrect facts, he has the right to defend himself and set the record straight. Thank goodness our democratic society has forums.

-- I’m voting for Austin Scieszinski. He has integrity and will stand up for us and not be persuaded by lobbyists.

-- Scieszinski is 24; men and women in the military at 18 do a fantastic job serving and defending our country. Enough said about age.

-- I’m not sure why people would rush to hire a new senator whose only experience is answering the phones for another senator. I wouldn’t go to a dentist whose only experience was answering phones for the old dentist and had some new ideas how it should be done.

On U.S. soccer team: I can’t really figure out what all the excitement is all about. They only won one game over there out of four, and after watching this soccer, I’ve got to believe watching the Chicago Cubs play baseball is more entertaining.

On Chad Karl: Regarding Page 3A Tuesday, it seems politics in Janesville are the same as Washington, D.C. You disagree with President Obama, and you’re harassed and audited by Lois Lerner and the IRS. In Janesville, if you question closed city council meetings or the cost of a fire station, you’re re-inspected and slapped with previously overlooked code violations.

On John Doe: So all you Republicans think just because the two judges found no evidence that Scott Walker violated the law that everything must be OK. Have you ever thought that the judges are more corrupt than him? Those people who worked for him in Milwaukee and took jail time will someday sing like birds.

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