Serving dinner with a lake view

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Ian Gronau | July 6, 2014

LAKE GENEVA -- Geneva Lake provides about eight square miles of Walworth County's 21 square miles of water. Thousands of years ago, retreating glaciers carved out the depression that eventually became the lake.

The ancient Oneota tribes of the lost Hopewell Culture Indians were thought to have lived in the area as long ago as 1,000 B.C.

By 1831, when European settlers first arrived at the lake, the Potawatomi tribe had established a large village where Fontana is today, and another smaller village in what is now the city of Lake Geneva. 

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But what's the best part about the lake? Looking out over its beauty and having a nice meal, of course. Luckily there are many terrific locations around the lake that to do just that.

Here is an unscientific survey of some of our favorites:

• Shore Club, 2 West Geneva St., Williams Bay

Cleta Yamauchi, co-owner of Shore Club in Williams Bay, feels that locals and vacationers alike find both culinary and aesthetic bliss at their restaurant. 

“People love the view,” Yamauchi said. “They really enjoy sitting on the patio, having a glass of wine and looking out over the lake. We have delicious food and the landscaping is beautiful. We put a lot of effort into making sure that everything is appealing.”

Shore Club's location is not only charming because of its lake view, but also because it's in what Yamauchi feels is the hub of Williams Bay. Much of her business comes from people walking or driving by just noticing the restaurant, she said.

If you're stopping by for the view, you might also want to enjoy the live music on Saturday nights, the newly introduced Sunday brunch and a few of the menu standouts. Naturally Yamauchi likes everything they serve at the restaurant, but the fact that her husband, Dom, is the club's chef gives her special insight.

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