Your Views: Vote to help prevent the rich from buying legislators

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Fellow citizens of Wisconsin and the United States, the 2014 elections are approaching rapidly. If lowering taxes is first and foremost on your agenda, please do some research as to who benefits the most by lower taxes.

Every dollar saved will give “Joe Citizen” more money to spend, helping to boost the economy. Also, it will give “Joe Fat Cat” more money to spend and buy legislators. Ask yourself which is best for you.

Perhaps campaign finance reform can help to even the field in deciding who will represent the most people. “One person, one vote” seems much fairer than “one dollar, one vote.” Each dollar you donate to the candidate of your choice may well be overshadowed by the thousands or millions spent by the 10 percent of our citizens who control between 80 percent and 90 percent of this country’s wealth.

If you believe that our Founding Fathers were correct when they adopted a Constitution stating that each citizen has equal input in their governance, then it’s important that you vote. If you don’t, then someone with financial ability can easily buy a legislator who will cater to that rich person or corporation. Think about that.

Here in Wisconsin, we have the opportunity to stop this assault on the so-called “middle-class peons” by casting our ballots for those who will support the majority and not the rich minority.

Also, it was refreshing to see Gov. Walker at the farm/dairy breakfasts serving food instead of that product from a male bovine he usually serves.



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