Sound Off for Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On 15th Senate District: I was at the debate last Wednesday night and was very impressed with Austin Scieszinski. He was the only candidate who had new and specific ideas for putting people back to work.

-- What is the justification the three Democrats use to suggest voucher schools have failed? How many have they visited? The state education dollar is directed to the student and, yes, they deserve it and, yes, there is accountability. Go see several. You may see and find out what public schools are lacking.

-- Thank you, Austin Scieszinski, for uncovering the extra $500 million Wisconsin taxpayers will have to fork over for the I-90/39 expansion. Mike Sheridan and Jim Doyle pushed this through the wrong way, and now it's costing us.

-- I was at the debate, and it was obvious that Sheridan is the only candidate who is a proven leader with effective communication skills and knows the facts.

-- I went out to the Labor Temple to hear from the three candidates. Two of the candidates I was somewhat familiar with, and their answers didn't surprise me. Same old “blow your own horn stuff.” On the other hand Scieszinski seemed very honest and knowledgeable. It's nice to see someone new take an interest in Wisconsin politics.

On Freedom Fest: The city council should take notice that no alcohol was involved and many families were very happy and enjoyed the day. When you consider something for the city, alcohol should not be your No. 1 thing. Be concerned whether families are having fun. Who can have fun with a bunch of potheads and drunks running around?

On pothole: I just wanted to thank the streets department. My favorite pothole on my way to work has been filled. Thanks for a good job.

On IRS cover-up: The IRS is claiming they lost all the emails because their computers need to be upgraded. The problem is not their computers; the problem is their integrity.

On Doe probe: A big headline in the paper says “Gov. Walker not the target of the John Doe.” Sorry, but that's a false headline. He was obviously the target. The problem is that he hasn't done anything illegal. This was a fishing expedition trying to find something to smear the governor. They spent taxpayers' $2 million, and therein lies the problem.

-- The real criminal scream is the attempt by liberal prosecutors to smear Walker in the court of public opinion. Two judges found no evidence that the law was violated.

On lack of forestry department: I agree with the caller in last Wednesday's Sound Off. Why doesn't the city of Janesville have a forestry service? What does the city do when one of the trees in a park or public land gets damaged? Who cleans that up?

On fireworks: I've tried to be very tolerant of neighbors and their fireworks on Janesville's northeast side, but as usual they haven't been courteous to us. Fireworks start on the Fourth of July, not in June and not every night and weekend until August. There is a noise ordinance in Janesville; no outside noise after 10 p.m. and not before 7 a.m. I will report you.

On proposed Watson development: It may not be in your backyard, but it will be in your back pocket. Contact your elected officials to find out the facts. City of Milton residents, where have you been? Did you not learn from your Highway 26 bypass? Watson says if this goes through, this area will never be the same. Hope residents give that some thought.

On prostitution: I'm outraged. The district attorney and judges are a joke. The judge orders his photos taken away (Page 10A, Sunday). Eighty-six counts in two years, and how many before? The man's comment about stimulating the economy is a slap in the face to the judge and DA. This man broke several law time and time again and got off scot-free. Why wasn't counseling ordered?

On Beloit Farmers Market: They do a great job for vendors, but it's turned into more of a dog walking area and social walk with people's dogs. It is a place where you buy produce and groceries. You do not put a dog in the grocery store. I don't see why the people need to bring their dogs. Madison doesn't allow it, and Beloit shouldn't either. They lost a customer.

On handicapped tags: I almost got hit by somebody driving a vehicle with a temporary handicap sticker hanging in the windshield. I explained that this is to be hung on the mirror only while the car is parked. She had no clue. I see many people driving around with handicapped tags handing from their mirrors. Please put the word out to help save lives.

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