Your Views: Macek’s criticism of Gov. Walker ignores several key points

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

John Macek’s June 29 letter attacking Scott Walker for not taking the federal Medicaid expansion deserves a response. Macek’s attack ignores several things:

-- Federal money always dries up, leaving states holding the bag.

-- Walker’s entitlement reforms mean 81,731 Wisconsinites living in poverty now have access to health care through Medicaid.

-- Before Walker’s reforms, these childless adults living in poverty were kept from accessing this safety net.

-- According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Wisconsin is the only state to not take the federal expansion with no health coverage gap.

Individuals above the poverty level are able to access federal subsidies and can choose to purchase plans through the federal exchange or in the private market. This should make Macek very happy as I am sure he extols the virtues of Obamacare. He can’t criticize Walker for allowing those above the poverty level to sign up for Obamacare. If Macek believes “many will suffer chronic illnesses that could have been prevented, die prematurely, … and cost our economy a hundred times as much for treatment,” then Macek should contact the Democrats who forced Obamacare’s implementation. If he believes it will cost our economy a hundred times more, he should ask Democrats why.

Macek believes Mary Burke has “unassailed honesty and integrity.” You mean for her “Pants on Fire” Politifact rating for her dishonest and misleading ad? The Democratic Party also got one for its ad that actually manipulated news footage of Walker.

Mary Burke: no honesty, no integrity, no ideas.



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