Your Views: Should a tornado strike, will your family be prepared?

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Monday, June 30, 2014

A number of years ago, while in a downtown Janesville gymnasium, the lights flashed on and off. We grabbed our things and headed for the exit. Driving home, the radio announcer related the news of a tornado striking primarily on the northwest side of the city where we lived.

Fortunately, we lost only a few tree branches. However, the Janesville Country Club lost most of its roof.

While no one likes to think a tornado would hit them, it helps to prepare for the worst. Just in case a storm comes, where would our valuables end up? Strewn throughout the neighborhood? What would we do for clothes? Identification? Money? What if we were stuck in the basement, bathroom or closet? You can see by the news, this happens.

Now we have a plan. While we can't do much to reinforce our home against brute force, in a plastic bag we put our IDs, money, charge cards, personal papers, checkbook, jewelry, cellphone and car keys. In another bag, we put blankets, pillows, reading material, a portable radio and new batteries. Don't forget a few cans of food, can opener and spoons.

Have a plan and pass it on.



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