Sound Off for Sunday, June 29, 2014

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

On 15th Senate District race: I am supporting Janis Ringhand because I trust her judgment. She has worked for jobs in Wisconsin. She has authorized help for new businesses, supporting increases in funding for training of workers and provided tax incentives for local businesses that hire new workers. Janis believes in investing in our local public schools.

-- You’re asking me to vote for a 24-year-old in Austin Scieszinski who has no life experience, no real job experience, to represent me in the district. That isn’t happening. Ask anybody, “When did you become comfortable with who you are as an adult?” Nobody will tell you they were that comfortable at 24.

-- I went to the debate and enjoyed watching Mike Sheridan squirm when Austin Scieszinski laid out the facts of Mike’s failure to lead when he was speaker.

-- I went to the Labor Temple to see the forum. Though I still don’t know who I will vote for, I can safely say it won’t be Sheridan. Toward the end of the debate … it seemed like he was trying to intimidate and assert dominance over the others, especially Scieszinski. It really made him look like a bully. I thought it was very unbecoming of him.

-- I was at the debate Wednesday, and I was the most impressed with Austin Scieszinski. He seemed like he was the most prepared and answered specific questions instead of using the usual talking points.

On IRS cover up: If the smug, arrogant attitude of the people from the IRS isn’t enough to infuriate you, I don’t know what is. They sit up there with smirks on their faces because they know that although they have engaged in criminal activity and violated Americans' constitutional rights, they will not be held accountable.

On dangerous behavior: “Me Generation” junior and mature sociopaths are riding bicycles and skateboards on sidewalks and in the dark, underground, library parking lot, causing hazards to senior citizen pedestrians.

On economy: We were told a while back the economy grew 1 percent in the first quarter. It was revised because it actually shrunk 1 percent. Now we’re learning it shrunk by nearly 3 percent. This is an ongoing pattern, but this is the first time the Obama administration has revised a number downward twice.

On gubernatorial race: For those who think Mary Burke would be a good governor, look to Detroit and Illinois. Is that what we want to become?

On Iraq: George Washington led the troops across the Potomac River. Let President Obama lead the troops into war with Iraq.

On courtesy: Hey Janesville, what happened to common courtesy? My street looks like a parking lot for every camper, brush-filled trailer, boat and RV. Hard to maneuver around, unsafe, and it trashes up the neighborhood. Trying to sell your house on that street. Please sweep up the grass clippings you shot into the street. Grab a broom—it’s in the garage where your vehicle should be.

On staff meeting: City Manager Freitag’s staff meeting had a corporate team feel rather than the secret-society backroom dictator and fear style of 20 years with Steve Sheiffer. I think the only thing military about Freitag’s presentation was the video.

-- I think the city manager holding a mandatory meeting is a great idea. The Gazette article said there are approximately 530 city employees and 300 were at the meeting. I wonder where were the other 230 employees who are supposed to be at a mandatory meeting?

On stoplights: I’d like to know the reason behind putting stoplights at Venture Drive and Beloit Avenue in Janesville. The worst intersection is the one next up, before you get to Highway 11, because that’s where all the semi-truck traffic goes, toward John Deere and MPC. That’s where stoplights would be better installed.

On child neglect: Another child dies left in an overheated vehicle. The father forgot. Forgot? The problem is kids having kids and parenting without a clue. Solution? Pretty obvious.

On immigrants: Regarding last Sunday’s story, “White House acts to ease legal crunch at border,” how do we let 52,000 unaccompanied children come across borderlines since October when we have all this military? What’s the problem with the security system?

On free-speech clash: The headline on Page 3A Monday says “Tea party, police clash over ban on signs.” The subhead says “Fight about ordinance could lead to charges.” This is one of the most misleading headlines I’ve ever seen. The headline should say, “Rogue police chief persecutes tea party, loses job and could face criminal charges.”

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