Your Views: Pipeline project will help us meet energy demands

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Line 61 pipeline upgrade that would affect Rock and Walworth counties (Page 3A, June 1) is a worthwhile project.

I own a car that runs off traditional fuel. Therefore, I help create the demand and need for this expansion. There have been instances when local terminals (where gas stations get their fuel from) have been empty, unable to keep up with demand. Why would we stand against infrastructure upgrades that meet the needs of the demand we create?

I love the nature and the natural resources Wisconsin offers. I want to see those resources protected. Fortunately, the state does, too. Wisconsin has much stricter environmental regulations than many states. I have faith in our regulators to ensure the safety of the Line 61 expansion.

I think of Canada as my neighbor. I want to feed the success of American and Canadian companies. My values are more in line with the company that seeks this expansion than Middle Eastern companies who also compete for my business. I choose to support my neighbors from the north.

Meeting our energy demands—with any type of fuel—always carries a certain amount of risk, but pipelines (as opposed to other means of fuel transport) do keep that risk and cost to minimums. The Enbridge pipeline expansion is a smart strategy and an important addition to U.S. energy infrastructure, built on an existing footprint that has already been thoroughly vetted by regulators. I support this project and want to see it moved forward without delay.



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