Your Views: Gov. Walker’s stance on health care amounts to negligent homicide

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fourteen states, all with Republican governors, have refused to implement the Medicaid expansion. It’s one thing to play partisan games, quite another to stiff the 80 percent of Medicaid recipients who are children in desperate need of preventive care. Many will suffer chronic illnesses that could have been prevented, die prematurely, live less healthy and productive lives, and cost our economy a hundred times as much for treatment. It’s not only cruel but incredibly bad economics.

In my view, Scott Walker’s political refusal is the moral equivalent of negligent homicide.

Walker defies the facts when making patently false misrepresentations about Wisconsin’s economy. I take exception to his irreversibly damaging Wisconsin’s pristine areas for the sake of short-term corporate gains. I do not accept the lie that any of the legislative “emergency” sessions were true emergencies. They were end runs, pure and simple.

Walker is lying when claiming he did not know that his Milwaukee County employees spent their workdays campaigning for him. The people of Wisconsin are not stupid.

It’s time for the antigovernment rhetoric to stop. We need to look more closely at the critical role of an orderly, accountable government. We must think in terms of long-term public interests, not short-term business gains.

I urge voters to elect to the Governor’s Mansion someone of unassailed honesty and integrity. I believe that person is Mary Burke.

Please put Mary at the top of your voting list this November.



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