Committee proposes costly options to improve Racetrack Park

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Andrea Behling
Thursday, June 26, 2014

EDGERTON—Come budget time, the city of Edgerton might have to dig for money if it wants to improve the crumbling roads of Racetrack Park at IKI Drive and Stoughton Road.

The Parks & Recreation Committee is proposing total reconstruction of the park's roads, a new curb and gutter, and the installation of a storm sewer—a project that could cost more than $450,000.

The committee also wants to pave and enlarge the parking lot of the Edgerton Conservation Club at 1008 Stoughton Road, which would add $299,040 to the total cost.

“This is one of the crown jewels of our city,” said Harlin Kittleson, a former Parks & Recreation committee member in attendance at Wednesday's meeting. “It obviously has to be done.”

But the project will have to get in line behind a number of other large projects that will appear on next year's budget, said Mayor Chris Lund.

Three options for improvements were presented Wednesday:

Option 1: Reconfiguration of the IKI Drive access road; constructing a parking lot near the Iki Drive entrance; and building a new access drive and parking area from IKI Drive to the shelter on the hill. This option, which most closely follows the park's 20-year-old master plan, would cost an estimated $453,414.

Option 2: Relocation of the access road from IKI Drive, but no new construction of a parking lot near the entrance. Projected cost is $327,817.

Option 3: Maintain much of the existing road layout with no new construction of a parking lot near the entrance. Projected cost is $348,113.50.

The project would have to be funded through borrowing over the course of a few years and the city would look at its debt service to find an opening, Lund said.

The Conservation Club parking lot improvement was left out of the total construction costs to help keep the project's cost down, but Lund and many committee members worried about splitting the project into phases.

“Do it all, do it right,” Lund said.

Community members also were concerned about the relocation of trees under some of the options.

“This improvement is a very long-term improvement. Tree removal might be necessary,” said City Administrator Ramona Flanigan.

The committee's next meeting will take the group out to the park so they can get a better idea of the option's features. The meeting will be at 6:30 p.m., July 15 at the pavilion next to the concession stand.

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