Sound Off for Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

On Iraq: Seems Republicans want another war. There's no way an outsider can end a religious revolution, as horrifying as it is. There's no way you can reason with people who think their religious beliefs are the only true beliefs. There has never been peace and never will be. It will be a big mistake to reenter Iraq. American lives are more important than Iraq's oil.

-- Dick Cheney has been criticizing President Obama on Iraq. Listening to Cheney giving advice and voicing conclusions about Iraq is like getting advice on fire prevention from an arsonist.

-- As usual, Charles Krauthammer nails it with Friday's column “The cost of abdication.” Obama inherited a stable Iraq. All he had to do was negotiate a status-of-forces agreement, and he was too incompetent to do that. Now the media are feverishly trying to rewrite history and blame all this on Bush and Cheney. The president put politics ahead of national security.

On city of Janesville: A new bus barn, and they want a new firehouse. We have storms come through, yet no tree service or forestry department to come along and clean up what falls off the trees. It's left to the citizens. Thought we were a city? We should have a forestry department to help clean this mess up.

On 15th Senate District: I can't wait for Aug. 12 so I can cast my vote for Mike Sheridan. I watched him plant my neighbor's tomatoes for her. Not only does he care about our state, he cares about the people he's going to represent. Everyone should vote Sheridan. We need him back in Madison. He will help us in the 15th District and will always be there for us.

-- For the 15th District, my motto is ABS—anybody but Sheridan.

-- Regarding Sound Off on June 22, why would anyone like to go to Porkfest or Dairyfest or anything like that and meet a politician? I certainly wouldn't.

On “no wake”: Page 8A Sunday says “Slow/no wake restriction expand” for the river between the Indianford Dam and West Beloit Townline Road Bridge. Isn't Traxler Park in between? The front-page photo caption reads, “Lauderdale Aqua Skier kicks up a wave.” Maybe they ought to get their priorities straight as far as the Aqua Jays are concerned.

On Milton School District: It's in the process of hiring a communications supervisor for a salary of up to $80,000 a year plus full pension. This position is to, among other things, provide news releases, lead the identity team of the school district, etc. Are you kidding me?

On welding program: Page 5A Sunday says, “Hispanic chamber spearheads welding program.” The state and welding industry are going to fund this million-dollar initiative to train welders. I don't care if the company wants to fund it, but my money does not have to go for Hispanics. I wonder if they are going to be required to speak English.

On sexual assault: On Page 7A Sunday, Anna Grzelak says “It makes no difference when the assault happened.” I disagree. If you're little, whatever, not everybody knows to call the hotline or anyone else. A lot of people are terrified and would never do it because they or their family or animals are threatened. It's easy to say anyone can call, but not everyone can.

On John Doe: Democratic prosecutors spent two years and a couple million dollars of taxpayer money attempting to smear Gov. Walker, partly because they fear him in the 2016 presidential election and partly as payback for Act 10. If they have anything on Walker, where is the indictment? These prosecutors are the ones that should go to jail.

-- Your headline “Walker alleged to be part of criminal scheme” continues the media's effort to smear Walker. It should have been “Two judges and the Seventh Circuit Court reject prosecutor's claims.”

-- Will Gov. Walker and former Illinois Gov. Rod Blogojevich be sharing the same barber? Let's hope so.

On IRS scandal: Sunday's cartoon on the Opinion page nails it perfectly. Not even a small child would believe the lies that are coming out of the Internal Revenue Service and the Obama administration. In fact, no one in this country believes it except for one group of people, the news media. They're perfectly accepting the “dog ate my homework excuse.”

On Editor's Views: Regarding Sunday's column, Scott Angus' guide for the paper and moral compass apparently are driven by societal desires and trends from an unlimited number of individuals. This is inconsistent with The Gazette's political views, which the majority of voters have selected, when The Gazette does not support these laws and the people the state elected.

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