Your Views: Special prosecutor, media should probe IRS scandal

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Monday, June 23, 2014

An 18-minute gap erased from a tape was a major scandal. It ended the Nixon presidency after the Watergate scandal. Coverage of the scandal was endless. The investigation thorough. Compare that to the media ignoring the present-day Obama IRS scandal.

IRS officials are claiming that Lois Lerner’s computer, and the computers of six of Lerner’s co-conspirators, “crashed” in 2011, wiping out tens of thousands of electronic messages to individuals at outside groups and agencies, including the White House. The agency claims they erased the incriminating evidence on back-up devices during the period of IRS abuse. This was when the IRS was formulating its rules singling out conservative groups.

“The Obama administration’s claim that the IRS has ‘lost’ two years of Lois Lerner’s emails is implausible to anyone who understands how email systems work,” writes attorney John Hinderaker, a Claremont Institute fellow. “The Obama administration is lying, and lying in a remarkably transparent way.”

Obama and his enablers will try to hide the truth. The missing emails from Lerner and her six IRS co-conspirators are preserved elsewhere at offsite Outlook email servers; in files kept by other IRS employees; or by recipients of the emails who work at other organizations or agencies. A special prosecutor needs to be appointed, and the media need to start doing their job instead of covering up and apologizing for Obama’s corruption and incompetence.

The President Records Act requires the preservation of these records. Let’s find out if they were.



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