Sound Off for Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

On Five Points: If the Janesville City Council wants to do something constructive, I would like to see something done about the Five Points intersection and how the railroad tracks could be rerouted or what could be done to keep traffic from snarling. It's terrible sometimes.

On restaurants: Regarding the June 15 front-page article, I don't understand why a potential business owner would want to insult future customers such as the owner of this new steak house on Main Street did. I am a union worker, and my husband was a GM worker. We have been all over the world eating at restaurants. I feel insulted by his comment.

On Senate candidates: I was at the Rock County Dairy Breakfast and had a great time, and I met Austin Scieszinski when he approached me to talk. I think he will make a difference in Madison. He's just what we need. He's got my vote.

-- As an educator, I worked with Janice Ringhand along with other community leaders to stop the expansion of voucher schools in Beloit.  Her hard work and honesty was a breath of fresh air. I hope she becomes our next state senator.

-- I was at Porkfest and the dairy breakfast and was glad to see that Austin Scieszinski was there meeting the public and giving his comments on what he stands for. I didn't see any other candidates. I don't know if they were busy or what, but I'm glad that Austin was out meeting the public and trying to get elected.

On Obama: We have the weakest president in one of the worst of times. Thank goodness for golf.

-- Obama is in California golfing while Iraq burns. He spends more time on vacation and campaigning than he does in his office. He's the worst president we've ever had. He knows nothing about anything. About time they impeach him.

On same-sex marriage: Regarding June 15 Sound Off comments, I want these people to know how ignorant they are to say that it's horrifying and offensive. The Bible is not supposed to be in government.

-- Regarding the caller who said most people were offended by the pictures of the same-sex marriages and a large portion of your readers didn't like this, please don't speak for everyone.  If you're one person, you're one person. God gave everybody a brain. If you're offended by it, don't look at it, but please don't speak for everyone.

-- What I find disgusting are people's narrow-minded opinions. It's time to wake up and accept people for who they are.

-- To those people who say get over it, this country is based on laws and morals. What kind of a country would we be without them? What else would these people have us get over. I guess anything that they feel like doing that others wouldn't agree with because of their morals.  Is it no wonder our country is going downhill?

On courtesy: My father had to go to urgent care on Father's Day as he wasn't feeling well but really appreciated the respect he received from the security guard at Dean Clinic in Janesville. The guard took him all the way out to the parking lot and helped him get into his vehicle. The best medicine is courtesy, and he received it that day.

On IRS: So now the IRS after targeting American citizens for their political views claims they've lost two years of emails so they can't hand them over to shed light on what actually happened. This is an attempt to hide illegal behavior, most likely directed from the White House. This is no different than what Nixon did when he destroyed tapes.

On the media: Every day, I read your paper, and the biggest stories in the country are repeatedly ignored. We have tens of thousands of illegal alien children dumped on our southern border, and there's nothing in your paper. We have the IRS claiming they lost two years of emails. The news media is a joke. Report the news. Do your job.

On wars: Regarding the caller claiming Republicans got us into Afghanistan and Iraq, Osama bin Laden and 3,000 dead Americans got us into Afghanistan. Just as many Democrats as Republicans supported going into Iraq.

On drunken driving: When two doctors and two health officers resign from the Department of Transportation's committee on drinking and driving, you begin to wonder what the state wants to do about drunken drivers and who really is in charge. Though injuries and fatalities are down the past five years, we still exceed the national average for fatalities, aside from the heartache that we're left with. It's a big black mark on Wisconsin.


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