Your views: Cody Horlacher has shown leadership, deserves vote

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Based on my personal experience I can say without hesitation Cody Horlacher is an incredible young man of the highest integrity and a proven conservative leader.

Horlacher has proven his leadership qualities by his election as chairman of the UW-Whitewater College Republicans and his election as chairman of the Republican Party of Walworth County. In both instances, voters elected Cody.

Cody Horlacher is endorsed by Reps. David Craig and Samantha Kerkman, as well as other local and county elected officials.

Horlacher is also endorsed by Wisconsin Latino leader and US Marine Corps veteran Pastor Joe Medina.

Cody Horlacher is a strong advocate of “We the People.” In the strongest sense, Cody supports smaller government, lower taxes, less government intrusion, states' rights and the Second Amendment. He supports voter ID and believes we owe our children a better and higher standard than Common Core in our schools and government-run health care.  
To find out more about Cody Horlacher, go to codyhorlacher.com.

Voters have twice elected Cody Horlacher to positions of leadership. Now, it's your turn. Vote on Aug. 12 for Cody Horlacher for the 33rd Assembly District.


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