Your views: Judge’s ruling is a defeat for us all

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Whether you are for or against gay marriage, the court decision should not be received with celebration but mourning. I have watched over the last decade as law after law, passed by our elected officials, never goes into effect but heads to the courts, most to be thrown out.

 Now we have a state constitutional amendment, put into law by our elected officials and by the majority of voters in the state, rejected by an unelected federally appointed judge. And this is happening in state after state across our nation.

What happened to government by the people, for the people? You can argue the “rightness” of the law, but it was passed by the majority of the people of the state. If you disagree with the amendment, then convince the people to rescind it.

It saddens me to see how many freedoms have been lost or given away, how far our country has fallen from the one our founders created. We have seen that “big brother” is watching us. Speech is only free as long as you agree with those in power. And now, more and more, we really don’t govern ourselves. Our votes don’t mean anything.

My grandfather was part of that amazing World War II generation. If he were alive today, he would say more and more we resemble the countries he fought against and not the one for which he fought.

This court ruling should not be celebrated as a victory but a defeat for us all.


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