Your views: Gun at youth ball field is bad combination

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Roger, likely a very nice gentleman who dearly loves his 12-year-old granddaughter, is an authorized concealed carry man who helped warm up her pitch when somehow his loaded .38 fell onto the ground.

Dang, that could happen to anyone—anyone who somehow feels that it was important to have a gun at a kids’ softball tournament.

Admittedly, it could come in handy when that 14-year old pimply kid in blue makes bad calls; the coach doesn’t play your kid enough; when you get short-changed by those concession volunteers; or if you merely want your granddaughter to know what a terrible and dangerous world it is—especially at the ballpark. Or it might be a vehicle to educate her about how threatening those colored kids can be … those kids from Milwaukee and Waukesha where you often must work.

In the US, suicides outnumber homicides. More than half of suicides involve firearms. See www.preventsuicidewi.org. Presence of a firearm in the home greatly increases the likelihood that a person in that home will be shot over an intruder. I wonder how many highly publicized shootings were actually thwarted by a concealed carry champion?

Wisconsin law allows bans on concealed carry in businesses, restaurants, faith communities, but not in public parks? ALEC, do you know who wrote that law? You can take your pistol—but not your camera—into the state Assembly!

 Imagine a curious 7-year old picking up your .38 and annihilating your granddaughter … or my son.


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