Sound Off for Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

On guns: New York City ended its policy of stop and frisk because the Left said it was racist. They now have 43 percent more violent gun crimes in New York City. The ironic part is that most victims of this violent gun crime are people of color. I would be willing to bet that most of them would rather be alive.

On same-sex marriage: It's awful enough for voters and states' rights to be given the finger over homosexual marriages, but for this paper to blatantly run a picture of two men kissing after a ceremony went beyond the limit. Shame on you, Gazette. You gave up decency for diversity.

-- Enough on gay marriages. Every day, there's something new. We already know that the judge ruled in favor of them, so it would be good if you find other articles to write about that are more important, more informational and positive.

-- What's the big deal?  You forgot what happened in 1967? Think about it.

-- We have a constitution that says all, I repeat all, people have the same rights. Picking and choosing who has equal rights and who doesn't puts us in the Dark Ages. It's time Wisconsin gets into the real world. If you are intimidated by certain people, get over it. Get a life. Live and let live. Go to counseling, but quit discriminating.

-- To all those worried about gay marriage, why don't we just get over it and let people get on with their lives. To each their own.

-- We decided in the USA that children are better off learning from a father and a mother in a home. Which one of these parents is obsolete now?

On Iraq: There was only one man savvy and ruthless enough to hold together the hodgepodge of ethnicity carved out of the Ottoman Empire that we call Iraq. That man was killed on Dec. 30, 2006.

-- Iraq was a place we never should have gone. WMD lies, wasted lives and money as a result of George W's oil plan.

On city government: Why will the city council have a referendum about street repairs that are expected but didn't have one for the new bus garage or the new fire station, which will both be far more costly for citizens?

-- Kudos to Herman Buehler's article in Sunday's Your Views. It's not about petition for this, vote for that, borrow for this, close this thing or hang on to that thing. It's about a city council that can manage the city based on what we have and let the natural flow of inflation raise the tide. The bottom line is, we are all fed up with higher taxes at all levels.

On teacher substitutes: The school district puts zero time into training their substitute teachers or aides. You go in blindfolded. You should take a cue from Madison, which trains their substitute teachers in CPR as well as regular classroom routines. With this, they also increase their pay so they wouldn't have the turnaround Janesville does.

On U.S. leadership: What is happening to the leadership role of the U.S. in the world?   Iraq is imploding. Syria is rejoicing that there's no red line. Putin is laughing at us. Our border is in chaos. Oil prices are rising, and all the while our president is golfing.

-- To those who criticize Obama and the Democrats: Remember, it was the Republicans who got us into Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, Paul Ryan wants to spend more money on the military and keep us in Afghanistan. Help!

-- American foreign policy is in shambles, and the world is imploding around us. Under George Bush, we were told the world hated us, and if we only elected Barack Obama, the world would love us. Much of the world did hate us under Bush, but they also feared and respected us. Now, we are a laughingstock.

On streets: At a recent meeting, our city manager stated that we needed to spend more money to fix up our bad streets. He also mentioned that after they are repaired, it will be 25 years before it will have to be done again. I wish that was true, but I can name a half-dozen streets that need repair again after only five or six years. The city needs to pay more attention to the quality of the contractor's work and hold them responsible when road repairs fail so soon.

On good deed: I would like to thank Boy Scout Troop 539 for their good deed. On Saturday, they cleared a downed tree from the Glacier's Edge bike trail. Once again, I can jog on the trail without having to cross over the downed tree. Thank you.


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