Your Views: Let’s get a grip on spending in city of Janesville

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

City Attorney Wald Klimczyk said Billy McCoy’s fire station petition is administrative in nature. Klimczyk described the council’s “closed session” vote to build the station definitely administrative. Two wrongs won’t make anything right, but state counsel Shane Falk and Klimczyk would leave it up to Janesville’s city clerk to decide whether to accept the petition.

Our city wouldn’t have money problems if our council stopped spending, adding fees, wheel taxes, etc. Citizens are fed up with the many directions the council tries to cover. So much was wasted hiring a new manager when the most qualified person was here.

U.S. Steel could have built a large, good-looking bus garage for many millions less that could expand as needed.

Stop hiring dreaming architects we can’t afford. Fire Station No. 1 is an example. After 57 years of little upkeep and expansion, we’ll tear it down to build another castle, taking 12 homes.

In a couple years with our streets getting repaired and a different architect, we might save $4 million or $5 million. Let’s give it a cooling spell.

After the council gets a handle on income and expenses, a budget and hiring freeze with management reduction would help fix streets.

Don’t panic on the dump. Years from now, we’ll be glad we have it as industry comes back. Cut the hours if you must. So much money has been wasted and the landfill is tangible. A city that has its own landfill can’t be held for ransom.



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