Web Views for Friday, June 13, 2014

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Friday, June 13, 2014


On Parker baseball team heading to state: Great news, and congrats to all. Parker rocks.

-- hdonlybob

-- Congratulations Parker! I would like to add kudos to Big Al for his WCLO coverage. He is an amazing sports broadcaster in basketball and football and—no surprise—baseball, too! Thank you, Al Fagerli!

-- Joe From Wisconsin

-- When something like this happens, it’s a boost for a sport that has struggled in recent years to keep its footing amid other sports. Hail the greatest game, and big congrats to this team. No matter what happens next week, this is a special thing.

-- Neil Johnson

On Parker graduate Dylan Zweifel: What an inspiration Dylan is to his peers. Good luck, Dylan, your future looks bright! Kudos to The Gazette for highlighting the positive in our schools and with our young people.

-- Troy Osborne

On riverfront amphitheater: I thought the purpose of knocking down old buildings along the river, was to gain green space along the river. Instead, the plan is to fill up the green space and put a fence around it.

-- wislady

-- Every time I read about another multimillion-dollar project for amusement and recreation, I can’t help wondering if any of the groups, committees, boards and civic/charitable organizations of Janesville and/or Rock County will ever think about dedicating thought, planning and money to a much-needed humane society building project.

-- Solo_Voce

-- How about we just fix our #*% roads!

-- Truthtelller

-- Sounds like a great idea with a great plan! Thank you for trying to beautify our city at no cost to anyone else.

-- Andy Udell

-- I think what is shown in the photo is beautiful and is enhanced by the nearby river. I’ll bet there are many people in the area who are just starving for something like this. You can have dinner before or after a performance, do some shopping in the downtown area and out-of-town guests can stay over at the local hotels.

-- sleeponit

-- A shame that truthteller can only see the negative. When something positive can happen, it intends to encourage others to improve and add their positivity to the area. Janesville needs to something like this. People have been complaining there is nothing to do in this city.

-- RetArmy

-- My family is ecstatic over this news! Thank you, Forward Janesville, for this wonderful venture. Build it, and they will come. The arts can be a lucrative investment in a community. Not only monetarywise, but for morale and a healthy foundation for community living.

-- Modern Apraisal

On referendum to fix streets: It looks like it will be worded such that there will only be one real choice. Vote to get punched once in the face or we will punch you 10 times.

-- Truthtelller

-- No! I really hate these council members! You’re supposed to be scaling back, not spending like an irresponsible wife at a Pandora bead event. Get rid of some parks and make cuts in other areas to free up revenue.

-- beamer

-- I think we can all agree that the roads need to be fixed, and there needs to be a funding source to do this. The problem is, the city council has established a track record of holding their hand out for more money to fix a problem, spending it, and then holding their hand out again, and again, and again.

-- Northman

-- It seems obvious that the city is clueless when it comes to saving and cutting back during hard times and prioritizing between wants and needs.

-- buyusa


To John Eyster: Here’s an idea for your next blog: Ask 100 black people what they think of your equating racism and slavery with the plight of gays and lesbians. See what happens.

-- NewerTestament

-- Wisconsin’s constitutional amendment banning gay marriage was voted on by We The People. We The People saw this through two consecutive legislatures and We The People voted on the amendment. The political “elite” did not agree with We The People, therefore We The People are wrong.

-- Nick Danger

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