Your Views: Send Mike Sheridan back to state Senate to work for us

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Important elections are coming soon, and I am very concerned about the future of my state and my home area.

This entire region was very hard-hit by the loss of General Motors. Job growth in Wisconsin has fallen far behind the rest of the country and the Midwest. We are hurting.

Our state lawmakers rejected $23 million in federal funds for expanding rural broadband access. This would have been a huge boost for businesses in our small towns and rural areas.

Lawmakers in Madison rejected funds for high-speed rail, which would have been another big boost to businesses in southern Wisconsin. These dollars went to other states.

Our own Wisconsin lawmakers rejected federal funds for Medicaid expansion that will lose us $1.8 billion by 2022. Yet we still pay federal taxes that go to fund Medicaid in other states.

Mike Sheridan is a candidate for Wisconsin Senate District 15—our district—and I know he will do a far better job for us.

I know that Mike has the experience, the energy, the connections and the will to turn things around for us. He will work to improve the lives of every citizen of our district and the state. He will support labor, teachers, education and the elderly, as well as work to bring business to our district.

Please vote in the primary election Aug. 12 for Mike Sheridan for Senate District 15 and vote in the general election Nov. 4.



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