Your Views: Let’s see how many heads roll at Veterans Administration

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

I see The Associated Press report of June 6 states GM has forced out 15 people for their roles in the faulty ignition switch scandal. At least 13 deaths are linked to the switch. At the same time, the Weekly Standard magazine, in its June 9 edition, titled “The Real VA Problem,” reports the Department of Veterans Affairs has admitted that 23 deaths are linked to the “secret waiting lists” at various sites.

I will be curious about how many VA people will be let go in the scandal. The same Standard story also reported the following: “Despite long-running problems, the VA has fired a grand total of three senior executives for performance in the last five years—one-fourth the federal average for terminations. Last year the Office of Personnel Management disclosed that about 0.47 percent of the federal workforce was terminated for cause, considerably below the 3 percent fired in the private sector.”



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