Sound Off for Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On photos: Beautiful picture of Donald Driver and the children of Our Redeemer Lutheran School on Page 3A Saturday. Congratulations to the children for assisting Goodwill. Bless you all.

-- Regarding Monday's graduation pictures, I think Beloit Turner's was the best picture I've seen in quite some time.

On Jay Winzenz: I feel very angry and sorry for Winzenz and his family but proud of his view that enough is enough and it's time to move on. I feel a lot of disrespect for an unconcerned council that voted for a smiley, retired officer with no experience in city management. Winzenz got the shaft. Recall time for the whole council.

On 15th Senate District: Brian Fitzgerald is a subpar councilman and a Republican to boot, but I guess I'll have to vote for him if Mike Sheridan wins the Democratic primary. Sheridan wants to win so he can schmoose with lobbyists again. It certainly isn't to represent us.

-- Austin Scieszinski is a well-qualified candidate and has more to offer than anyone else running. Some say he is too young to have good ideas. I strongly believe the other candidates are too old to have new ideas.

On McCoy's petitions: If Billy McCoy had his way, Wisconsin would be in the same financial mess as Illinois. Taxpayers concerned with government spending need to think carefully before signing petitions that sound good but could have damaging consequences.

On teacher contract: Regarding the June 4 article “Board OKs teacher contract,” I was disappointed to read that substitute teachers, interns and graduate residents will receive no increase. It takes a college degree to do these jobs. Perhaps these groups need to join with fast-food workers and push for better pay.

On GM: Regarding the article on Page 6B Friday, “General Motors ousts 15 employees,” GM's upper level created the atmosphere of fear that prevents low-level employees from reporting serious problems. I know; I worked there.

Act of kindness: On Tuesday, June 3, just before 1 p.m., I was at the four-way stop at Black Bridge Road and Randall Avenue. An elderly woman was crossing using a walker. To my surprise, two cars zigzagged around her. A young man got off his bicycle and stopped traffic to let her cross. Kudos to the young man. Shame on those who couldn't wait for her to cross.

On city parks: Regarding Sunday's Sound Off, we should treat all parks equally. For instance, Palmer Park—very nice, good job there. Marquette Park on the south side—nice park, not so well-kept, could be better. Let the kids enjoy all parks.

On commencement: Craig High School 2014 commencement speaker Timothy Elliot, you could not have given a more beautiful and genuine speech. As a parent of a student, I would like to thank you. Congratulations on an awesome, excellent speech.

On injured toddler: I truly appreciated Sunday's Sound Off callers. I was so sad to read about the toddler. When a parent, a mother, exposes her children knowingly to the drug industry, her children could be taken away.

On fire station editorial: In reference to Page 8A Sunday, the fire station research by officials is biased and suspect. They should spend more time researching city spending, borrowing and priorities and citizen input.

-- Fire Station No. 1 might need rebuilding or expansion, but does the city need to purchase and raze 12 existing homes for this project? Sounds like another park is planned for a vacant area.

On PolitiFact: Page 7A Sunday says, “Ryan misses the mark on Medicare claim.” Let's say Congress doesn't make changes to keep the Medicare trust fund solvent. Then can we say that Rep. Paul Ryan is right, that the program would be bankrupt or stop operating, thus we need to reform it so it doesn't become insolvent? PolitiFact again misleading.

On gubernatorial race: When the real people come out to vote, Gov. Walker is going to win handily. If you think Wisconsin will throw out one of the best governors we've ever had for some spoiled brat millionaire who's never accomplished anything, you need to think again because the people of Wisconsin are not that stupid.

On shooting in city: Some people think it's fun to shoot rabbits and squirrels in their backyards. Do you realize this is the city and how dangerous this is? Children play outside, not to mention windows that do not need to be shot out. If you don't like rabbits in your yard, put up a fence, but please put your guns away before something serious happens.

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