Sound Off for Sunday, June 8, 2014

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

On dog in park: Regarding the dog who fell off the Devil’s Staircase trail (Page 3A, Thursday), I am a dog lover and feel very sorry for the dog and its family, but dogs are not allowed in parks past May 15. So the dog should not have been there. Also, it gives Devil’s Staircase a bad name. That trail was properly built with a lot of thought and effort and maintained.

-- The city has an ordinance banning dogs in the park between May 15 and Sept. 15. Had the irresponsible pet owner not been violating the ordinance, the dog would not have been injured. Now that this has been printed, is the police department going to step in and take enforcement action on the clear-cut, obvious violation?

On city parks: This is in response to a Sound Off last Sunday. I’ve been in several Janesville city parks the past couple of weeks, and I think they are very well maintained and look fabulous. I would rather have a few dandelions than pesticides applied.

On Bergdahl swap: There is now an incentive to kidnap more Americans and try to swap them for Taliban terrorists.

-- An American Marine is rotting in a Mexican prison because he made a wrong turn with a weapon in his car, and the president can’t lean on the Mexicans to get him released. But he can turn loose five of the most dangerous terrorists in order to get back a deserter. The president attempted to inflate himself from the VA scandal.

-- Just when you think you’ve seen the worst, President Obama does it again. When are the press and Congress going to hold him accountable?

-- This shows clearly whose side Obama is on, and it’s not ours. If ever a president needed to be impeached, it’s the one we have now. Go ahead, folks, vote for Hillary Clinton and get more of the same.

On 15th Senate District: I like that Austin Scieszinski is a newcomer to politics. Why would we want to send longtime politicians back to the Legislature? They have a track record of getting nothing done. Let’s try someone new.

On new EPA rules: The article Monday refers to the term carbon pollution multiple times. What we’re talking about is carbon dioxide, which is a natural-occurring gas, not a pollutant. Plants breathe it in; we breathe it out. The issue is a supposed imbalance between the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

On generosity: While shopping at Woodman’s May 30, an angel of a young lady handed us a $100 gift card. She said, “You may think this is strange, but I want you to have this.” We thanked and hugged her but want the public to know of the wonderful, caring folks in our community. This generous act touched our hearts, and we will pay it forward. God bless this stranger.

On injured toddler: It is horrific what happened to this innocent little boy (Page 1A, Tuesday), and I pray everything works out for him. But the mother told police she knew drugs were being sold at the home and tried to keep her children away from the activity. Why would you take your children to that home in the first place? It just does not make sense.

 On Janesville schools: We seem to have enough money to pay top dollar for Superintendent Karen Schulte and her staff. Why can’t we hire some teachers that are not current college grads but rather have three, four years experience? Seems like the budget is more of a concern than education in Janesville.

-- I attended the Janesville School Board meeting, and two young men were represented. One was going into his second year at Northwestern. The other was going into his first year at MIT. Both had perfect ACT scores. I would say the district—i.e. teachers—is doing something right in this city.

On Janesville spending: Our Janesville School Board should also be our city council because they never like to spend any money.

On teachers: The difference between teachers and many other workers is that teachers are always looking for more money and better benefits, while the rest of us are looking for jobs.

On Jay Winzenz: I’d like to congratulate him for getting this job in Eau Claire (Page 1A, Wednesday). I’m sure he’s going to be quite happy every day he goes to work, and he doesn’t have to worry about braking an axle on the car because I’m sure their streets are a lot better off than ours.

On JPAC: Since the Janesville Performing Arts Center only pays $1 a year in rent (Page 2A May 28), why can’t they offer a senior citizen discount?

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