Your Views: YWCA leader clarifies comments in assault story

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

I’d like to clarify my comments in “She said no."

When Frank Schultz interviewed YWCA representatives May 22, we discussed our inability to share information about particular cases. We could neither confirm nor deny that CARE House personnel interviewed Olivia Bruha, the article’s subject. Therefore, we shared comments as generalities about the process for CARE House interviews.

Schultz wrote: “Other agencies are complimentary about how (District Attorney David) O’Leary’s office handles child sex assault, including YWCA officials who run the CARE House, where child sex assault victims are interviewed. ‘Everybody is totally committed to doing their part to protect the child,’ Moore said. ‘The (district attorney’s office) is passionate and committed to make sure the child’s rights are protected and make sure that justice is served.’”

Again, since we cannot comment on specific CARE House interviews, I was speaking in general terms. I made a factual statement about the work of the CARE House Multi-Disciplinary Team, which includes representatives from law enforcement, Child Protective Services, the DA’s office, the sexual assault nurse examiner and YWCA. This shouldn’t be interpreted as specific to Olivia’s case or “taking sides.” The Multi-Disciplinary Team is on the side of the children who report abuse through CARE House.

As someone who is very passionate about empowering women and girls, my heart went out to Olivia as I learned more of her story. I’m proud she shared her story with Gazette readers in such a personal and impactful way.


Executive director

YWCA Rock County

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