Your Views: Jay Winzenz helped save historic home in Janesville

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Thanks to Jay Winzenz’s efforts while serving as acting city manager, Janesville’s Fourth Ward is a better place in which to live. He met with the Fourth Ward committee and listened to our concerns.

His greatest contribution is how he saved the blighted property at 173 S. Jackson St. After 10 years of the city refusing to enforce the codes, he removed the code inspector and assigned the job to Kelly Mack.

His actions saved the mansion from the “chopping block.” It will become a neighborhood “jewel” once again and a vital part of the revitalization of Janesville’s inner city.

As people watch the house being restored, Winzenz’s name is mentioned as a city employee who saved an important part of Janesville’s Historic Fourth Ward.



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