Your Views: Congressman Ryan’s plan would help create better jobs to benefit the poor

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In a recent letter to this paper, Jerry Hanson criticized Congressman Ryan for stepping up his desire to reform the broken poverty programs utilized for decades in this country. Hanson’s conclusion was that there is a need for more and better-paying jobs. Many people in poverty are working the jobs that they can find, but their lives would be changed with better choices of employment.

That is exactly what Ryan has said for years. That is why he continues to introduce budgets that reduce taxes on small businesses and job makers. Ryan says, “Economic growth comes when American families and small businesses work, save, and invest. Congress needs to prioritize legislation that encourages job creation by keeping taxes low, controlling government spending, and addressing the severe problems ahead if we do not reform critical government programs that are driving up our national debt.”

Higher education and job-training programs that work and are cost effective are also part of the solution. The federal government is hindering this process with outmoded aid programs. This is another area Ryan is trying to change.

Understanding poverty and learning how individuals and faith-based programs are working to change lives is a good thing and something that is overdue. Maybe if Mr. Hanson would decide to spend his time investing in a neighbor in need instead of criticizing and blaming others for the problem, he might have a different view.



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